Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

- A new option for X-rays

Until recently, our only option when taking x-rays was to place a film packet in your mouth and, using a traditional dental x-ray machine, expose the film packet, then wait up to 10 minutes for it to develop. With digital radiography, the process is computerized.

We have completely transitioned from film based X-rays to the highest quality digital imaging equipment available. This technology offers many advantages over traditional film radiographs, the most important being a 70% reduction in X-ray exposure levels, which were already extremely low for dental films. Because the images are acquired digitally and stored in our computer system, there are no chemicals needed for development and no need for chart storage of films. The whole process is much more eco-friendly.

Another benefit many of our patients have noticed is you can virtually see your X-rays being acquired on our TLC monitors, where the enlarged images are easily seen for a diagnosis or explanation of any dental findings.

How does it work?

We place a sensor next to your tooth and within seconds your x-ray is displayed in sharp, vivid detail on a computer screen. Because of this short exposure time, the amount of radiation is reduced by as much as 70 percent.

An efficient, computerized process

Once the x-ray image is on our computer screen, we can enhance it to make a more precise diagnosis. We can save images on our computer for instant retrieval, and once they're digitized, we can easily send them to insurance companies or specialists, as needed.


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